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Origins and Purpose of Nutrition

By Jonathan Chavarria

The complexity of the human essence is comprised of body, mind and spirit, which finds its origins in proper nutrition. The key to nutrition among all spectrums is within the holistic approach to nutrition by maintaining a natural health. Holistic nutrition therefore encompasses a balance of natural and organic food along with natural supplements to fuel optimal health.

The nutrition we take in can be broken down into three categories:

    • Macronutrients
    • Micronutrients
    • Fiber

Macronutrients are the energy source of foods derived from carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Often referred to as macros, these nutrients are the building blocks for the day to day well-being of your body and spirit.
Micronutrients include vitamins A, C, Iron, and Calcium among many others which help keep a balance of body, mind, and spirit.

Fiber, an indigestible material, needs its own category due to its insoluble nature. It contains a plethora of health benefits that can be considered a natural supplement due to its ability to induce weight loss while improving digestion and overall metabolism.

The Importance of Fluids

Just as important as natural and organic foods are for providing nutrients, fluids are also beneficial towards optimal nutrition. Along with drinking roughly 64 ounces of water a day (eight 8oz glasses each day), minimizing dependence on sodas, energy drinks, and other processed fluids will drastically increase your overall health. Healthy alternatives can be found in the form of natural juices, herbal teas, and soy milk to name a few.

Learning to approach nutrition holistically from the start can sometimes be enough of a catalyst to reverse illness symptoms and increase your state of wellbeing. Since natural remedies are built upon the belief of a connection between the body, mind and spirit, holistic nutrition affecting the state of health for the body simultaneously influences the mind and the spirit. The path to a healthy change in nutrition and dietary aides is difficult in comparison to your previous dietary lifestyle. Much like any other major change in your life, a nutrition shift needs some time to accumulate results as your body begins to process food easier. As you adopt better eating habits, the gateways to optimal health continue to widen.

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Daily Routine

Natural Herbal Products and Better Sleep

By Jonathan Chavarria

Beginning a natural health lifestyle can be very overwhelming when the concepts are new. The information can become overwhelming and intimidating. Botanica Boost aims to break it down for you so that you know where to start. We want you to know exactly what you need to do to accomplish your goals of achieving a healthy lifestyle that will increase your quality of life.

Tea & Ease of Mind

One of our recommended routines to increase health and prosperity is winding down at the end of the day with herbal tea as an evening tea ritual. The herbs in evening tea are specifically selected to help the body relax physiologically, which then relaxes your mind, and spirit. The process of drinking tea itself serves a dual purpose as it gives you time to allow your mind to disentangle from the stresses that wrap itself around your mental state throughout the day.

One of the best bedtime teas for optimal sleep is Chaga, a tea derived from the powder of Chaga mushrooms. With a subtle yet distinct earthy flavor, Chaga tea is has a warming taste and provides a plethora of antioxidants and rich nutrients that absorb into your body as you let the drink seep through you in your sleep.

Caffeine-Free Tea

The key to evening herbal teas is one that is free of stimulants and caffeine that will continue to exhaust your mind after ingestion. While caffeine in small doses does have its own health benefits when taken naturally, night time food and drink consumption should be free of any stimulants or nutrients that drive energy into your body as mutual body parts will work against each other. Many Americans experience exhaustion because of the stimulants so many of us are used to consuming on a daily basis.

As one of the easiest and most rewarding steps towards better health, brewing an evening tea before bed can soon become a ritual as you reap the benefits of finishing your nighttime routine with herbal remedies.

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Herbal Benefits

The Proven Health Benefits of Ashwagandha


By Jonathan Chavarria

Used for its many healing properties for thousands of years, Ashwagandha has been a staple of traditional medicine in the East. Thanks to the spread of information, it has invaded western culture in recent years. Scientifically known as withania somnifera, Ashwagandha is a powerful herb that is characterized for its healing power. Finding its roots in medicinal practice in the ancient times of India, Ashwagandha is the main herb used in Ayurvedic practices and finds itself in the ingredient list of several formulas for herbal medicine.

Here is a quick summary of the top healing characteristics of Ashwagandha

  1. Reducing blood sugar levels

Testimonials over several years have correlated to show a connection between reduced blood sugar levels and routine usage of ashwagandha herbs. Some results are measurable within as little as 30 days of consistent use. Natural supplements meant for lowering blood sugar are important for those that suffer from diabetes, prediabetes, and even those that want to take preemptive measures.

  1. Reducing likelihood of cancer

The ingestion of ashwagandha is believed to produce reactive oxygen species that fights cancer cells. It also inhibits tumor growth and prevents increased infection throughout the body.

  1. Reducing stress levels

Stress is linked to cortisol receptors that originate from the adrenal glands in your kidneys. Once stress levels get out of hand your body naturally releases extra cortisol into your system, which can lead to high blood sugar. Ashwagandha has been recorded to reduce cortisol levels in the bloodstream at significant levels.

  1. Reducing inflammation

Patients who have taken Ashwagandha herbs have experienced promoted immune cell growth to help fight infection as well as lowered CRP (C-reactive protein), a blood test marker that induces inflammation.

  1. Boost testosterone and fertility

With consistent Ashwagandha consumption, testosterone levels have been proven to rise on a consistent basis, as well as sperm count. Improved sleep quality, reduced cortisol, and less inflammation all contribute towards healthier testosterone production.

These are just a few of the many health benefits of Ashwagandha that have been studied over the centuries. As science advances, holistic health remedies are being verified, and the effects will continue to astound the health community.

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Tuning in As Your Body Speaks

By Jonathan Chavarria

Part of natural treatments and herbal nutrition is being able to identify your symptoms as your illness nears. The goal is being in sync with your body at a high enough level that you can gauge the effectiveness of herbal remedies. Finding the link between your mind and body is a skill developed over time, but you can practice daily to fine tune as you pick up on your own body’s signals quicker and more effectively.

Luckily there are a few straightforward steps to harmonize your mind and body:

  • Focus on taking in deep, slow breaths (in through your nose and out through your mouth) – repeat the cycle a minimum of 5 times
  • As you take in your first deep breath, channel your mind into picking up on the sensations that arise in the bottom of your feet through your soles
  • As you continue to focus on physical sensations, you will naturally find yourself noticing as they rise through your legs and maintain that feeling as it elevates
  • Find the same physical awareness as it pulls into your torso and into your limbs, bringing attention to the microscopic waves that bounce off
  • Finish with an over encompassing wave of physical energy to captivate your body’s entire aura

This simple routine is good practice for finding the link between mind and body. The closer together you can synchronize the mind and body, the better you can then have them work simultaneously and benefit each other in grand scales.

The power of the mind is the most natural remedy you can leverage to heal from the smallest of ailments to being able to curb illness. All too-often an unhealthy state of mind is where illnesses begin.

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Initial Exercise Guidelines for Optimal Health

By Jonathan Chavarria

For everyone from beginners to experienced veterans, guidelines on preventing injury and regimens for maximizing muscle gain can be beneficial. As you begin your journey into a healthy lifestyle and explore several different exercise techniques to adapt to your body, keep these key takeaways in mind to maintain a healthy state of being.

  • Recommended exercise times are between 6am – 10am due to the body’s stamina, strength, and hormone levels being at its highest point in the day
  • Eat well in advance before or after exercise as blood circulation will be optimal for muscles without having food in your stomach to impede
  • Refrain from diluting blood with excess water consumption during exercise, instead refresh with light sips of cool water as needed
  • Dress accordingly, as breathable materials will allow for better circulation, and close-fitting outfits will be less of a hazard around gym equipment
  • Warm up with stretching and gradually increase intensity to avoid harsh tension on joints and muscle fibers
  • Tailor your exercise routine to your age, physical fitness, and nutrition. Attempting to outperform your body’s capabilities can cause injury, especially without supervision

Exercise is an extension of health. As with all factors of health, moderate your exercise in accordance with your physical and mental health. Exercise in excess can bring about harm to both your mental and physical state. The key is to maintain a balance in your exercise and lifestyle to maintain a healthy body, mind, and spirit.